During the late thirties and early forties most men will begin to experience a drop in testosterone levels.  Even though the decline in testosterone is usually very gradually, this natural occurrence can wreak havoc with a man’s body and have a measurable effect on a wide array of characteristics that are very important to most men.

Low testosterone can slow down the metabolism and hinder the body’s ability to build lean muscle, which can keep men from reaching or maintaining their desired level of fitness.

  • Diminished testosterone levels can have an effect on bone strength and density which could ultimately contribute to the development of osteoporosis.
  • Men with low levels of testosterone may have difficulty sleeping, reduced energy levels and experience mood swings or depression
  • Decreased sexual desire and inability to perform in sexual situations are also very common side effects of low testosterone levels.

Many men immediately jump to the conclusion that they need prescription testosterone replacement therapy in order raise low testosterone levels, but this isn’t always the case.  Testosterone replacement therapy can be very expensive and doesn’t always yield the desired results.  In most cases, natural methods for boosting testosterone can be a very effective and much less expensive alternative to achieve the very same results.

Changes in diet, engaging in more physical activity and natural men’s health supplements like Progene Daily Complex can help men to feel strong, viral and more confident again without resorting to expensive drugs.  Progene Daily Complex contains an all natural blend of herbal ingredients that are proven to help stimulate the body’s natural production of testosterone.  Taking a natural health supplement like Progene Daily Complex will deliver noticeable increases in sexual performance, energy and elevation in mood without the high cost or potential embarrassment of doctor prescribed methods.

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